Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So I voted for Obama

I struggled with the decision a little. I like to vote Libertarian since the “party of principle” is much closer to my viewpoint but I don’t cotton to Babar and cannot forgive his Arch Conservative past, which included being a drug warrior, proponent of anti-gay marriage legislation, backer of the Patriot Act and the various wars we’re waging. I think that he is no Libertarian.

McCain/Palin are simply out. We must reduce the Empire, close bases, end the foreign wars, stop spying on citizens, decriminalize drugs, etc etc etc. McCain and his ilk would continue with the same misguided nonsense of the past and even might try to do more of them or just do them more vigorously. Obama will continue much of it too, or course, but with a difference.

Obama is more likely to retract our claws from far-flung parts of the globe. Not right away, but over time. He is also likely to downplay the Drug War and the War on Terror and much else that allows the government way too much say in people’s personal lives. And he represents a change in rhetoric, color, generation, etc.

And though I would usually prefer divided government, I don’t see the policy reactions to the current fiscal crisis changing much based on who is in office. Let’s face facts, both the Republicans and the Democrats think that government will be a solution and deny that it caused this whole fiasco in the first place. And face it, the Fed and Treasury are playing the legislators like violins. All they have to do is make a proposal and then say that not passing it will lead to catastrophe. The congress-critters even consider debate and the markets swoon, making a self-fulfilling prophesy of the warning.

So it matters not who the technocrats are, what really matters is what else the government plans to do to screw with us. We were not going to avoid cockamamie health care reform in any event.

But at least we might have dodged a Palin presidency.

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